Training Programs



qEEG Brain Mapping

Deymed 32, 19 Channel EEG, Neuroguide Z Score LORETA, sW LORETA Viewing, LPR and Protocol Editor.


Neurocognitive Assessment

CNS Vitals, Neurotrax, IVA+ CPT Test ( The Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test)King-Devick, ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment), Sway Balance, MCMI, MMPI.


Visual and Sensorimotor Skills Assessment

Heart-Rate Variability (HVR). Improve Reaction Time, Visual Motor Coordination and Train Connections Between Eyes, Mind and Body.


Neurophysiological Assessment

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*Individualized assessments based upon client symptoms and overall health
*Individualized reports with customized treatment recommendations

Treatment Programs



Deymed TruScan 32,LORETA Z Score and Surface, Neurogen, LENS. Thought Technology- ProComp Infinity, NEXUS Mark II, Neuroguide, LPR Basic, Protocol Editor and Zukor.



Heart Rate Variability, EMG, Skin Conductance Response (SCR), Peripheral Temperature, Stress Response, Breath Rate, HEG and Muse.


Visual and Sensorimotor Skills

Assess, Analyze and Improve Visual and Neuro-Motor Skills, Focus, Quickness and Coordination


Cognitive Home Training

Individualized, cloud based home training for focus, concentration, reading, auditory and visual processing speed, visual – motor skills and vreaction time.


Sports Performance Optimization Program

LORETA Z Score and Surface Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, including Heart Rate Variability and Arousal Training, Stress Assessment Measurement, EMG, Temperature and Skin Conductance (SCR), Vision and Sensorimotor Skills, Reaction Time Training, Cognitive Home Training

Injury prevention

Over 50% of athlete injuries are a result of overtraining. Using wireless physiology monitoring, we can determine when an athlete is entering the “danger zone”. High performance sports place mental and physical stressors on the athlete. Our program optimizes regeneration during and following high output activity. Our goal is to maximize athlete training and on-field time by identifying, quantifying and minimizing athletes risk of injury. This premise, along with improved focus, balance and reaction time can significantly reduce propensity for injury.

Corrective Concussion Program

This is a combined assessment and active rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and return-to-play measures include:

Quantitative Electroencephalography brain imaging for neurological brain function and health

Cognitive Training

Visuo-Balance/Motor Coordination

Quantified Reaction Time

Improved Focus, Quickness and Coordination

Onpar propietary five – step process

Oral and Rating Assessment – Sport and position specific rating system.

Neurological Monitoring.

Physiological Monitoring – measuring body’s reaction to stressors assessed (breathing, heartrate, skin conductance, etc.).

Analyze for an effective individualized treatment plan.

Recovery Plan – Athlete learns to “self adjust/regulate” brain frequencies and through targeted simulations and balance exercises, the brain is retrained in order to increase reaction time, optimize concentrati on and focus, maximizing overall brain efficiency while preventing injuries.