Schedule A Visit


Appointments & Cancellations: Sessions are generally scheduled for 50 minutes and are by appointment only. Brief and extended appointments can be arranged when necessary. Appointments missed without 24-hour notice will be billed at the full regular fee. Efforts will be made to alter schedules when occasional conflicts arise, but late cancellations or requests for changes become mutually disruptive.

Fees: Training Sessions are $200/hr and are generally recommended twice per week. The fees for brief or extended sessions, visits outside the office, and telephone and/or email consultations will be arranged on an individual basis. Payment for each visit is requested at time of visit at the beginning of the session. Assessments begin at $600 and can include brain mapping, Traumatic Brain Injury, sensorimotor, neurophysiological & neurocognitive measures. We do not bill insurance companies.

Payments Accepted: Payment by credit card or cash is required at the time services are rendered.