What is Biofeedback

Biofeedback Training allows the client to maintain low breath rate, low respiration rate, reduce muscle tension and increase peripheral body temperature, all which increases blood flow to the muscles by 80%, thereby preventing soft tissue injury, reducing fatigue and increasing focus, overall performance, energy and enhancing recovery. This allows the client or athlete to self-regulate their physiology “on the fly” under stress, taking emotion, stress and anxiety out of decision making and conflict resolution.


How Does Biofeedback Training Work?

The Training Modules and specific software interfaces are customized for each application all designed to train a different skill, both physically and cognitively and to improve overall mind-body functioning, increasing energy, blood flow and calmness. With learned self-regulation of the athletes’ physiology and cognitive behavioral training, the athlete optimizes the mind body connection to produce clear, non-emotionally reactive responses to life’s stressors, thereby supporting overall wellness.

What are the Benefits of Training?

Trains client to react from a non-emotional perspective, increasing efficiency.

Prevents emotions from clouding judgment, focus, concentration and decision-making.

Improves information processing and reaction time.

Teaches how to “hyperfocus” and “relax” on cue.

Reduces anxiety and impulsivity.

Optimizes performance of the brain.

Physiology & Symptoms Treated

Migraine and Tension Headache

Anxiety and depression


Raynoud’s Syndrome

Impulse control

Mood regulation

Focus and concentration

Short term memory

Sleep patterns

Executive functioning

Planning and Organization

Decision – making capabilities