Our Approach

Assessment begins with a complete background, including medical, sports and concussion history. Various assessment instruments are used including, a Neurophysiological Assessment, an Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance Test, Balance and Coordination Analysis, Simple Reaction Time Assessment, Concussion Management Assessment, Reading and Fluency evaluation, Senaptec Sensory Station assessing 10 visual and sensorimotor skills using scientific methods and digital displays and a Quantitative Electroencephalograms/qEEG which provides Neuroedge’s technicians with a thorough baseline file of the athletes’ current condition. The Brainmap has the ability to measure network dynamics that are simply “invisible” to the naked eye.

The Brainmap gives a “baseline” against which future performance and function are measured. After the brainmap is recorded, it is then analyzed through our sophisticated combination of software and finally a 3-D image is rendered via swLORETA (low resolution electromagnetic brain tomography). Results are analyzed by a Neuroedge Certified technician and results reviewed by the specialists on staff to design and customize an individualized treatment plan.


What is a qEEG?

The science of the electricity of the human brain is known as the Quantitative Electroencephalalograph (qEEG)/brainmap. The brainmap is a neurodiagnostic test of brain function that measures the electrical patterns present on the scalp surface. The recorded electrical activity from 19 channels is compared to established statistical norms by age, gender and handedness. This dynamic tool for measuring real time brain activation and connectivity gives us the ability to view the changes taking place throughout the brain and assist in determining which areas of the brain are fully engaged and processing efficiently. Some brainwaves occur at faster frequencies or wave speeds and some are quite slow. These measurements primarily reflect cortical electrical activity or “brainwaves.”

Neurocognitive Assessment

mPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing), Neurotrax (BrainCare/Brain Fitness “Snapshot”), CNS Neurocognitive Assessment, IVA Continuous Performance Test, King-Devick Concussion and Reading Assessment, Sway Balance Concussion Management and Simple Reaction Time Test, Senaptec Visual, Sensorimotor Skills Assessment and MediBalance Pro Balance Assessment.

Individualized Return-to-Play Measures.

Portable Sideline Assessments / Cognitive Baselines.

Heart-Rate Variability, Skin Conductance Response (SCR), ADD EMG, Breath Rate, Peripheral Temperature, Photobiomodulation (Vielight), Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD), FreeSpira, Nirvana.

Senaptec Sensory
Station Evaluation

Assesses 10 visual & sensorimotor skills.

Analyze through database by sport, position and competition level.

Improve visual and sensory performance through custom protocols developed by highly developed algorithms.

Improve focus, quickness and coordination.

Senaptec Strobe – train eyes, brain and body.