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Train Your Brain

October 2008



See and Live the DifferenceTM 

3D Brain Mapping (EEG / qEEG)

Brain Mapping (EEG/qEEG) is essential for baseline testing, accurate symptom identification, treatment plans, and quantifiable reports on brain functioning.

Multi-Dimensional Assessment

World-class, FDA-approved offerings: Brain Map, Neuropsychological Assessment, Z-Scored LORETA Neurofeedback (qEEG), and computer-enhanced Brain Training.

Effective & Drug-Free Treatments

Sharpen Brain Functioning. Target dysregulated areas at the source. Non-invasive, custom treatment plans optimize regeneration of neuronal networks. 


Train Your Brain to Heal ItselfTM

TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion)

TBI is a bump, blow, jolt, or penetrating injury to the head, disrupting typical brain function. Symptoms and mood improve with Neurofeedback training.

ADD/ADHD: Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD and co-diagnoses are often caused by dysregulated brain functioning. Neurofeedback trains focus, concentration, self-regulation, and more.

Learning, Behavioral & Physical Challenges

Address Asperger's, mood, dyspraxia, OCD/ODD, PTSD, memory, pain, learning, sensory processing, diabetes, and more. Bolster resilience and academic aptitude.

Overlapping Symptoms Across Diagnoses (Co-Morbidity)

April 18, 2013


• Sport Concussion Care 

• Return-to-Play Protocols

• Educational Programs 

• Executive Functioning

• ​Stress Management

• ​Concierge Consulting


• Brain Mapping (qEEG /EEG) 

• Brain Network Activation (BNA)

• ImPACT Diagnostics 

• CNS Vital Signs

• Sway Balance

• King-Devick RAP 

​• MediBalance Pro

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Refresh, Revive & Rebuild Your Brain

ADD/ADHD & Neurofeedback Explained (

October 30, 2013

OBAMA VISITS BNA  (Brain Mapping)

Pain  •  Migraine  •  Short-Term Memory  •  Balance  •  Fatigue  •   Anxiety   Insomnia  •  Exhaustion  •  Mood Disruption  • Dizziness • Vertigo

Light and Noise Sensitivity  

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Brain Mapping & Assessment is the Difference

Sports Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury

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Mayo Clinic Validates Rapid Concussion Testing (King Devick)

May 12, 2014

Brain Training

• LORETA Z-Score Neurofeedback

• Surface Neurofeedback

• LENS Neurofeedback 

• ​Biofeedback

• ​Heart Rate Variability Training

• ​Captains Log Training Software

“Increased attention span and better grades for my students - without meds.” E.S. (Teacher)

"My mental clarity is back. I'm more productive than I've been in years.” - F.S. (Performing Artist)

"I suffered a concussion and thought  my baseball career was over - headaches, little memory, dizziness, pain, and anger. Thank you for making a difference when all others didn't know what to do." - (H.S. Athlete)​


“I haven't performed like this since I was a rookie.” - (NHL Star)

“I was in denial. You helped me change my life to (become) a successful businessman.” - (Former NFL Star)


Enrich, Educate & Empower Brain Health


Safely return post-concussion athletes to game-play. Implement team-wide baseline and sideline testing e.g. SWAY Balance, King-Devick & ImPACT.

Executive Functions

Proactively tune the mind for optimal performance with essential life and career skills. Promote focus, energy, memory, organization, and initiative.  

Stress & Anger Management

Neurofeedback and Biofeedback build emotional consistency, develops clarity of thought, increases self-confidence, brightens mood, and improves overall well-being.


Digitally Remaster Your BrainTM

Target Symptoms at the Source

Visually verify symptoms. Treat symptoms at the activation sites. Optimize, revive, and rebuild brain functioning (neuronal connections, power, and activity levels).


Improve self regulation for new breathing patterns, heart rate, peripheral temperature for calmness and overall body awareness all improving brain function.

Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback)

Brainwave or EEG Biofeedback trains and strengthens brain functioning, increasing our ability to self-regulate. Decreases anxiety and impulsively, increases focus, attention, multi-tasking, organization and mental flexibility, and improves quality of life.

Brain Injury: Neurofeedback has Positive Effects on Quality of Life

Journal of Psychology-India   March 2014

ADHD: Neurofeedback Superior to Cognitive Training

​​Journal of Pediatrics   February 2014​

PTSD: Neurofeedback Tunes Key Brain Networks

Science Daily  December 2013

Improvement of Mood Associated with Improved Brain Injury

Mayo Clinic   November 2013

A Drug-Free Treatment Alternative: Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback)

PsychCentral   June 2013

Asperger's & ADHD: Attention and IQ increase (15-Year Study)

National Institute of Health   March 2010

OCD: Neurofeedback More Effective than Standard Treatments  (Double-Blind Study)

Neuropsychobiology   April  2013

Neurofeedback Enhances Optimal Performance in Athletes

American Board of Sports Psychology   March 2007